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Miss Khai

2014-Aug-5 - POETRY

SHE SAYS.......HE SAYS She says Will you explore my temple, delve into my center Devour my flesh, inflame my senses and Thoroughly taste my soul? He says I will ravage your true being, inhale your nirvana and Feast on your core, until you beg me to let it go But I?€™ll say no. She says As you fondle my nature, breaking down my walls Overriding my resistance and exciting my very being will you Let me into your universe? He says As I bring you to the edge of reason, Have you quivering from my brutal assault on your Sensitized curves and valleys Yes girl I will do everything that pleases you And tantalize your every nerve ending Oh baby welcome to the port of my call. She says take your time so moments feel like hours And hours endless days and nights. Drench my every nook and cranny in your hot Moist passions Tongue, lips, pores, dick The juices of your desires bathing me in their salty sweetness. He says I will worship your crevice with the crown of my glory Find the sensual throbbing jewel of your femininity And deliciously aggravate it with with quick jabs Of my staff until you beg for sweet release. She says I will scream my pleasure to hell Because such intense sexual rapture is surely SINFUL.....such complete and utter abandon is Unequivocally wrong.....and yet the rightness of this union Is heavenly in its ECSTASY. He says I will bless your body with my lustful ardor Sink into your enticing ambrosia filled ocean And ride the eruption of your sweet orgasm Deeply, slowly fiercely.....lingering there My rod covered in your honeyed juices My mind filled with your essence.
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